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Sewing Machine Rentals

Not quite ready to invest in a sewing machine but want to have one to practice at home between lessons? You can rent a machine from us at a low cost and use it at home. We now offer two machines for rent, a basic  Janome Heavy Duty Sewing Machine model #11558, and the computerized Brother CS6000i. Minimum rental period for both machines is one week.

Please note: we only rent machines to individuals living or staying in the Greater Washington, DC metropolitan area. Machines must be picked up and dropped off at the studio, because we cannot deliver or ship them.


Machine Description Minimum one week (7 day) rental fee
each extra day
Deposit required at the time of rental Purchase Option
Janome 11558 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Janome Heavy Duty Sewing Machine (model #11558)

  • This is a basic and sturdy mechanical sewing machine, suitable for most home sewing projects. This is a very traditional model with a front loading bobbin (slightly different from the top-loading bobbins of the machines available for classroom use at the studio). DOWNLOAD USER MANUAL
$25 $4/day $100 (includes the $75 deposit plus the $25 charge for one week minimum rental)  No — Machines will continue to accrue a $25/week, $4/day charge for each day the machine is rented. When you return the machine, we will refund any unused portion of your deposit balance. For example, if you rent the machine for one week plus one day, your fee will be $30 and your card will be refunded $70. If you keep the machine for more than 4 weeks, will we notify you of the additional charges due, at the rates listed on the left.
 brothercs6000i Brother CS6000i

  • This machine is the most similar to the ones we have available for classroom use at the studio. It is a user friendly computerized model with speed control, making it easier for beginners to use. The threading is nearly identical to those at the studio. We also offer a buyout option for this model: if while renting the machine you decide you would like to keep it, your deposit will be transferred to the purchase of the machine. We will assume any rentals not returned after 6 weeks have been purchased with the buyout option.
$35 $5/day $200 (includes the $165 machine deposit plus the $35 charge for a one week minimum rental) Yes — At any point in your rental, you can choose to keep the machine as your own, and no portion of your $200 deposit will be returned. We will assume that any machines not returned by 6 weeks have been purchased. If you return the machine in less than 6 weeks, we will refund the unused portion of your deposit balance. For example, if you return the machine after one week and one day, you will be refunded $160 of your deposit.

*When you come for classes or private lessons, you can always use machines provided at the studio free of charge, or bring your own. Rental fees are only if you would like to rent a sewing machine to take home with you.

How it works:

1. Fill out the form below, specifying your requested rental period and pick-up date. When we receive your form, we will follow up within one business day to confirm machine availability. Rentals are popular, so it’s best to plan ahead to make sure a machine is ready for you.

2. When we contact you, we will create a reservation just for you in our online system and provide details on how you can pay your deposit online. Your fee will include the charge for the one week minimum rental, plus the machine deposit, as specified above.  Any unused portion of the deposit will be refunded when the machine is returned. Please note that we only accept credit cards for sewing machine rentals.

3. Come pick up your machine during designated pick-up/drop off hours!


***These are the typical studio hours. However, we always request that you make an appointment for pick up and drop off to ensure that there is a staff person available to assist you since we have a small staff.***

Monday: 10-5pm
Tuesday: 10-8pm
Wednesday: 10-5pm
Thursday: 10-5pm

Saturdays and Sundays: if you need to pick up or your machine on a weekend, we can coordinate this one a case-by-case basis.

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