Summer Schedule is Up! New workshops on swimwear, working with leather, quilting open studio, and more!

Special Kim's Tricks Series posted for May and June. Learn to sew like a pro! -

April to June Schedule is up! Lots of our regular classes, plus a new series on making a button down shirt! See…

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Group Class Specials

Any 3 Classes (can be used for any of the classes above or Open Studio sessions) $120.00
 Intro to Sewing and Beginner Step 2 (both classes, can be taken on the same day or separate days) $80.00
Private Lesson Packages

  • Packages save you 10% on lesson prices!
  • They can be used for the same time slot each week or variable time slots as you choose.
  • Generally for adults, we recommend 1.5 hour or 2 hour packages. For young children (7-9), one hour lessons are best. Children ages 10+, 1.5 hours are more suitable.
Four 1-hour lessons $144.00
Four 1.5-hour lessons $216.00
Four 2-hour lessons $288.00
Workroom Rental Packages

  • Book multiple hours in the workroom to work independently on your projects and build your skills!
10 hour package $60.00