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Men’s Tailoring and Alterations Workshops

This year, the studio is thrilled to welcome men’s tailoring specialist and guest instructor, Larry Allen McBee, a second generation tailor, couture dressmaker and image consultant who brings 35 years of experience. In his interactive workshops he will show participants not only fitting and altering techniques but also how to execute them in a fast, accurate way. If you have basic sewing knowledge, you can turn your sewing hobby into a home based business or acquire the skill to gain entry into the men’s alteration industry. These workshops will teach you the basics of how to fit, mark and alter a man’s tailored suit (and the techniques you will learn can also apply to women suits!). Each 4-hour session can be taken individually, or you can take all four to develop a comprehensive knowledge base.

Class 1: Men’s tailored suit coats (shorten and lengthen vented sleeves)

menstailoring2 This session will teach you a fast and accurate technique to shorten and extend the sleeves of a man’s suit coat to achieve the correct sleeve length. Supplies required: You will need to bring a man’s suit coat or sport coat with vented sleeves and back vent (either a back vent or side vents.)

Class 2: Men’s tailored suit coats (basic three seam taper)

menstailoring1 Men’s Tailored Suit Coat (Basic Three Seam Taper) – Learn how to fit and taper the three back seams of a men’s suit coat to achieve a tailored look. In this session you will also learn how to adjust and close the back or side vents of a suit coat. Supplies required: You will need to bring a men’s suit coat or sport coat with vented sleeves and back vent (either a back vent or side vents.)

Class 3: Men’s tailored suit pants (alter waist/crotch/hips)

 menstailoring3 Men’s Tailored Suit Pants (Waist / Crotch / Hips) – Learn how to fit and mark the waist and seat seam to make it smaller or larger. You will also learn how to taper the crotch seam, and outseam above the knee to achieve a slimmer fit through the seat, hip and thigh area. Supplies required: You will need to bring a pair of men’s dress pants.

Class 4: Men’s tailored suit pants (taper pant bottoms/shorten and lengthen hem)

 menstailoring4 Learn how to fit and mark the pant leg bottoms to achieve a slimmer tapered leg. This session also teaches how to determine the correct pant length (quarter break, half break or full break) and how to shorten and lengthen pants with cuffs or without cuffs. In addition to that you will learn how to replace a zipper. Supplies required: You will need to bring a pair of man’s dress pants.

For all workshops:

Instructor: Larry Allen McBee

Class time: Each session is 4 hours

Maximum class size: 6 people

Prerequisites: Intro to sewing or basic knowledge of sewing machine operation is required; some experience with garment construction is highly recommended. If you have any questions or concerns about your experience and skill level please feel free to contact us.

Supplies required: See class description above

Fee: $105 for each session or $375 for all four. If you are interested in registering for all four sessions please contact us for instructions on how to receive the discounted price.


The next series will be offered on June 21-22, 2014. For more details and to register, click the icon below: